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Concordia University Wisconsin - OLA Program

  • Program within the School of Business: Organizational Leadership & Administration; one year Master’s degree program which is rare but very popular.

  • Goal: spread awareness of the one-year degree.

  • New year (2017) campaign, message designed for potential students to make a resolution to have their Master’s degree by this time next year.

  • Worked with creative team on the graphics and create a promoted blog post on social entitles “5 Tips to Become an Effective Leader This New Year.” This campaign ran for 2 months while people’s resolutions are still strong.

  • Along with display and PPC ads, this ad was the most successful on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest).

  • Also created this campaign for the CUAA campus, worked with the creative team to create ads for social, display, and PPC. We even created a transit ad for the buses in Ann Arbor.


Concordia University Wisconsin Online - Instagram Ads

  • When I joined the team, they were doing some ads on Facebook but no other social media channels. I suggested starting to do Instagram ads, especially with the ad carousels and video ads that were introduced recently at that time.

  • Concordia has several Center locations around the state. To get to know the Center and the staff, we hired a photographer to take pictures of the Center locations and the people who work there. We then turned these photos into an ad carousel and target people who live int he areas surrounding specific Centers to spread location awareness.


Concordia University Wisconsin Online - Pinterest & Ads

  • When I started working for the online school, a Pinterest account didn’t exist. I created one for the online school, full of boards containing our blog posts, study tips, program options, and more.

  • We also created ads for Pinterest, mostly more female-focused. We promoted online academies and courses, one of them called “Writing for Healthcare Providers” that consistently had a high CTR.


Concordia University Wisconsin Online - Facebook Live

  • To get more traffic to the CUW Online page (besides just the ads), I came up with a plan for monthly Facebook Live videos.

  • We wanted to spread awareness of the importance of leadership skills in your career to further promote the OLA program. Twice a month on Fridays, we would have a live mini-lecture from key faculty at both the Mequon and Ann Arbor campuses speaking on the importance of leadership in a variety of fields. These fields ranged from servant leadership to sales to business to daily motivation. To increase the video views, we would promote them to paid views which brought them into the thousands.

  • The results of these videos helped us recognize which leadership topics were most interesting to our audience, which was vocation (3.8k views), servant leadership (1.7k views), and mission and vision of organizations (1.6k views).


CreativeMornings/Milwaukee - Social Media Campaigns

  • When I joined the team, the chapter was still new. It was my job to spread positive awareness and inspiration about CreativeMornings via social media. Since I started, the amount of organic reach and quality of posts increased (I started in November 2015). The amount of followers has also doubled since i began to now be almost 1,500 people (on Facebook).

  • Created the Instagram account when I took on this role, has grown to 1,300 followers since then (organically - any activity on our accounts is all organic, CreativeMornings doesn’t have a marketing/social media budget so we haven’t done any paid posts).

  • Bring Your Own Mug Campaign: collaborated with fellow team members from Blackbox Visual to create an illustration and animation to post around Earth Day to promote a greener initiative at our events (bring your own mug for the coffee provided there).

  • Sticker Campaign: our chapter has special stickers we love to hand out so I came up with a sort of guerrilla marketing campaign to have our attendees place the stickers in spots around the city, upload them to Instagram using #cmmkeonthestreet. We then chose a winner who received a variety of gifts from previous event speakers.


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