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The following is a look into different content I’ve created over the years, ranging from personal fun projects to assigned work.


Photography Gallery

The following gallery is all personal photography, mostly travel-based. I find myself most inspired when I get out of my daily life and explore new places.


Corvidae Collective

For a few years, I was a Content Curator for a Colorado-based boutique agency called Corvidae Collective. When I worked for them, the content I would create was for their blog. I would write social media tips and create video tutorials for social media apps so clients could use those in their own business. Below are a few of those examples of videos I created.

VSCO tutorial

Diptic tutorial

Over tutorial

Flipagram tutorial

Other examples of blog posts that were written include: a three-part series on how to take your photo skills to the next level, how to authentically boost your Instagram following, and a handy social media sizing guide.

Image by Twin Lens Weddings

Image by Twin Lens Weddings

Social Media

I have been the designated social media manager for different organizations (Sommer’s Automotive, CUW Online, CreativeMornings/Milwaukee). During my time as a social media manager, I had to create content for posts on a variety of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube).

One example of my social media management is for CreativeMornings/Milwaukee. When I came on as the volunteer social media manager, they didn’t have an Instagram page at the time and the other pages (Facebook and Twitter) weren’t used often. I came on board and created their Instagram page, started live-tweeting events, and we even starting live streaming events on Facebook.

Check out their Instagram page here, which I still volunteer to manage.


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