Finding THE Dress!

I have to say, I have loved this long engagement. We have been engaged for a year and a half now (it'll be over two years by the time we get married), and it has been so nice to not feel rushed in making decisions!

All I wanted to do when we first got engaged was try on wedding dresses! I didn't want to decide too early though so I waited over a year until I went. On the first trip I brought my mom and my matron of honor down to Chicago. We went to Alice in Ivory first followed by BHLDN in the afternoon. I'm so glad we went to Alice in Ivory was where I tried on my first wedding dresses and the shop is an absolute dream! I found a favorite at Alice in Ivory but couldn't say yes quite yet....

PS - none of the dresses I'm wearing are the one I chose ;) 


The hunt continued! A month or two later, I invited my mom, future mother-in-law, and matron of honor to go to Miss Ruby and White Dress in Milwaukee. Again, found some gorgeous dresses and these shops were wonderful. But every dress I tried on I compared to that favorite back at Alice in Ivory!


A few weeks later, my mom and I went to Bliss Bridal because they were the only shop in the area who carried my favorite dress. I tried a few others on before that one, but once I put it on it was clear that it was most definitely THE one - so I said YES! Can't wait for Alex and everyone else to see it in September. :)


Now...on to more planning!!