{Inspire Me} 100 Things I Love

I wanted to write a post that helped boost my mood in the middle of these dark winter months. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to be more grateful for what we have and it was nice to see that once I started writing this list I couldn't stop! Big or small, these are just 100 simple things that I love right now. This will probably change in a few months to next year and I can't wait to go back to see what does change!


  1. Alex: the hunk of a man I've been dating for 5 1/2 years and get to call my husband next September. We are each other's best friends and can't seem to get enough of each other. Both equally stubborn but also show the other how much we love each other in our own ways. Thank you for being you, my adventure pal.
  2. My family: I am who I am today because of them. I'm musically inclined and get my good looks *wink* from my Mom, get my drive and creativity from my Dad, and can hang with the guys and talk hockey thanks to my brother, Evan.
  3. My friends: I feel so lucky to still be friends with my core group from high school, even with us living in different parts of the country. We get together and nothing has changed. Attending each other's weddings has been too fun. I'm also lucky to have found such wonderful friends since then that have been so fun, supportive, and clearly life-long friendships.
  4. Gym membership/personal trainer: Anytime Fitness is a great gym for me. I treat myself and spend money each month to make sure I keep my body in check and have someone to keep me accountable. Previously I have never, EVER been happy with the way my body looks and I'm finally getting there...it feels good! Also seeing my body do things it couldn't a few years ago deserves a major pat on the back.
  5. iPhone: the evolution of the iPhone blows my mind. I don't even have the latest model, but the camera on these smartphones is unbelievable. Also the fact that the white/gold color combo was created makes me super happy.
  6. Apple: I had iPhone separate from here because it's my everyday device that I use. But I also love Apple in general. The products it creates (like my MacbookPro and iPad that I adore), the gorgeous stores, what they stand for, etc. Working for the company, even though it was retail, was a great job to have...bonus points to the company because I met a ton of current friends there and my fiance!
  7. Coffee. Shout out to my favorite local coffee companies: Colectivo, Anodyne, Stone Creek, Kickapoo. Still have yet to check out Hawthorne and more!
  8. Tea: I enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning, and then tea the rest of the day. I've especially learned to love tea as a natural way to treat some of my health issues.
  9. Camera: I love my Canon 60D to pieces and need to start using it more. Also constantly day dreaming about bigger and better lenses for it. Someday...
  10. Wauwatosa: Alex and I currently live here and have fallen in love with the community feel of it. Definitely a top contender for us once we start house hunting.
  11. CreativeMornings: if you're a creative person (which you ARE because we are ALL creative in our own way!), you should check out CreativeMornings Milwaukee. I volunteer and run the social media for our local chapter and love everything CreativeMornings is about. Not to mention my team is fabulous and inspiring.
  12. Coworkers: such a great support system from all walks of life. Thankful to be surrounded by so many kind humans.
  13. My engagement ring
  14. Madewell + Loft
  15. Plants: #CRAZYPLANTLADY. For real though, I love plants so much. They fill our home and my office and I'm constantly wanting more!
  16. Hockey: I grew up in a hockey household with my brother and Dad playing it. I love going to hockey games and wish I would've tried playing when I was younger.
  17. Cats (& dogs..eventually): grew up with always having 2 cats. I will love to own a cat again, but I think when Alex and I are able we would like to get a dog even though I've never owned one. Preferably a wolf dog.
  18. Iceland
  19. London: studied abroad here in college and I love the culture and history of this gorgeous city!
  20. Traveling (need to do more of it!)
  21. Nike tennis shoes
  22. Planners (currently using one by May Designs)
  23. Movies
  24. Milwaukee
  25. Minocqua + my cottage
  26. My Subaru XV Crosstrek (AWD FTW)
  27. Gold jewelry
  28. Bourbon
  29. Craft beer: we love trying new breweries and love that more are opening up locally in Milwaukee!
  30. Flower bouquets
  31. Birthdays: my mom actually told me this a couple weeks ago. She remembers me always getting so excited for everyone's birthday. I love celebrating and making someone's day extra special.
  32. Good quality speakers at home: we have a nice set up that Alex got a few years ago by Peachtree, but he got me a Sonos speaker for our bedroom and I love it!
  33. Movie soundtracks
  34. The Eagles: favorite band ever!
  35. Almond milk
  36. Brunch
  37. Holidays: similar to birthdays, I love celebrations. Christmas is my top favorite, followed very closely by the Fourth of July.
  38. Antique stores
  39. Ray Ban sunglasses
  40. Monthly subscriptions: Ginger Mail, LOLA (LADIES: this is my absolute fav), Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime
  41. Apple TV: makes not having cable way easier.
  42. Trader Joe's
  43. Taco Tuesday/Thursday at Bel Air Cantina
  44. Essential Oil Diffuser
  45. Watches: dreaming of getting an Apple Watch someday, but currently love watches by Daniel Wellington!
  46. Coffee in bed on Sunday mornings
  47. Donuts at Cranky Al's or Holey Moley
  48. Our garden in the summer: Alex and I have rented a plot at a community garden during the summer the last couple years and we love it. We grow our own veggies and flowers and it feels good being able to garden. I can't wait to have our own garden when we buy a house someday.
  49. Lake Michigan
  50. Green Bay Packers #GOPACKGO
  51. Amazon Echo Dot + Apple HomeKit/Hue Lights: being able to control our lights with our phones or voices makes us feel cool for living in the future. 
  52. Eucalyptus: love buying bunches of it to have in vases. Smells so good!
  53. Letterpress
  54. Skiing (both snow and water)
  55. Bonfires
  56. Fishing
  57. My keyboard: I've played piano for just over 20 years now (OMG.), and having a nice keyboard in our apartment allows me to keep that talent going.
  58. Coffee grinder + Chemex
  59. Oversized sweaters
  60. Our new hypoallergenic down comforter
  61. Good quality skin products: Glossier, Herbivore Botanicals
  62. Twinkle/string lights
  63. Copper kitchen products: slowly adding more to our collection. Currently have a sauce pan, measuring cups, and bar tools that are copper. I can't seem to stop dreaming about the copper Kitchenaid Stand Mixer...
  64. My gratitude journal for 2017: this was one of my resolutions for 2017. I write a few things every night before I go to bed that I'm grateful for that day. I will sometimes write things that got me down to get it off my chest. Just makes me feel good and reminds me to pay attention to the little things in life.
  65. Wine: sauvignon blanc or dry rose in the summer; cabernet/merlot/chianti/red blends in winter.
  66. Instagram: favorite app on my phone. So much photo inspiration! I treat my feed as a photo journal and love it.
  67. Food Network: we don't have cable but every single time we stay in a hotel or I'm at my parents that channel is constnatly on.
  68. Grilling
  69. Pinterest: mood boards and recipes FTW.
  70. Our Iceland map in a custom frame made by me and my dad: makes me smile everytime I look at it above our bed.
  71. Candles
  72. My glasses
  73. Airbnb
  74. S'mores
  75. Inspirational quotes
  76. Trees
  77. Hiking (want to do more of it!)
  78. Corvettes: grew up with my Dad having '71 Stingray and some newer models. Still has the '71 and I love to drive it whenever I can.
  79. Minnetonka moccasins
  80. Farmers markets
  81. Waffles/pancakes/french toast
  82. Pesto
  83. Glorioso's: we love Italian food and this is the best place to get what you need in Milwaukee!
  84. Fall
  85. Printed photographs: our photos are all on our phones or computers now. I like a couple times of year to get my favorites printed off to keep.
  86. Coffee shops
  87. Aquariums: for the longest time I wanted to be a marine biologist, until I realized Biology wasn't my best subject. I still nerd out though and can spend forever inside an aquarium.
  88. Dark chocolate
  89. Cheesy love notes
  90. Braided hair
  91. Day dreaming of owning a home...hopefully sometime soon?
  92. Patagonia fleece
  93. Books: I love owning books that I read. From fictional books to cookbooks, I have a lot and would love to have a small library in a home someday.
  94. Rustic yet modern/scandinavian style: we're still figuring out our decorating style since we live in a tiny apartment right now, but I think that's the style we can agree on for when we get a home someday.
  95. Herbs: every summer I have a potted herb garden on our balcony. I love using fresh herbs in cooking and even want to incorporate them into our wedding decor.
  96. Typography + illustrations
  97. MasterChef
  98. Natural light
  99. Our wedding venue: The Farm at Dover!
  100. Wedding planning anticipation: September 8th, 2018 can't come soon enough. Even though we're anxious to get started, I'm glad we have the time to actually enjoy the process. We have the rest of our lives to be married, so we're glad to take our time for our big day.