{Inspire Me} Personal Branding Seriously Works

I've had this website for just around a year now. I started it because I was lacking inspiration and creativity in my job at the time and needed a serious creative outlet if I didn't want to go crazy. I wished to make a name for myself and what I do; nothing extreme or anything but have a little side hustle that would hopefully take me somewhere.

I am writing a year later now to say that it worked. I put myself out there in this city and opportunities came forward. I got a new full time job as a content specialist. I got some freelance gigs. I became a team member of Creative Mornings Milwaukee. I can 100% guarantee that I would not be involved in these opportunities if I didn't suddenly decide to make this website to showcase my portfolio and thoughts, upgrade my social media accounts to be [slightly] more professional, and get involved in local events.

I became more serious in networking, and when I did I came across Creative Mornings. I attended a few morning talks and was so inspired that when they announced they're looking for a social media manager I immediately stepped forward. The amount of passion and talent that team has is exhilarating and to this day I feel inspired after every time we meet.

I never gave up when it came to a full time job. I applied to countless places for over a year, sometimes without any answer in return. I cannot explain enough why it is so crucial to hustle and make things happen for yourself...because you deserve it.

I guess you could say I'm an advocate for personal branding, I've even written about it for my job here and here. You need to establish yourself and your work. What makes you different than all the other people who also love what you do? Creating a simple website and blog is enough. By doing so you're creating digital content that shows off what you do and potential employers love to see that! When I got hired at my job, I was complimented for this website and my freelance work as a content curator. This is PROOF that I wouldn't be where I am now without doing what I did and why it's important to brand yourself.

So that thought that's nagging you in the back of your head that could potentially make things better in the long run? Do it. Have a dream job that you're too scared to pursue? Make it happen. You won't regret it.

Things can only look up from here!