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{Inspire Me} Passion Projects

On a recent mini road trip up to Minneapolis I listened to a lot of podcasts to make those 5 hours pass by a little faster as I drove across Wisconsin's countryside. I was listening to Tiffany Han's "Raise Your Hand Say Yes" podcast interview with Lisa Congdon. They were discussing passion projects that Lisa has done and the benefit of challenging yourself to do them. I have been discovering more and more creatives lately that have been doing these projects and it's inspiring me to think of my own to keep my creative juices flowing. Here are a few examples of some that I love:

Lisa's project that turned into a book "Whatever You Are, Be a Good One" of her hand lettering 100 different quotations.

Tiffany Han, a business coach and an overall amazing human who helps pick people up when they're in a rut, is doing her own daily Instagram project to help motivate people. She uploads a photo everyday of a post-it note with a motivational comment.

Tiffany Han's  Instagram

Tiffany Han's Instagram

Jennifer Snyder of the "Creating Your Own Path" podcast did a #100DayProject of her own. I've mentioned her before on my blog as being an inspiration to me. Her project was on her Instagram page and consisted of a daily question written on a note card. She started it with her husband to have new conversations with each other and her followers. She stuck it through for 100 days but mentioned on her blog that it does take some serious dedication!

Jennifer Snyder's Blog Post  "100 Days of Discussion"

Jennifer Snyder's Blog Post "100 Days of Discussion"

Jennifer Snyder's  Instagram

Jennifer Snyder's Instagram

I could go on and on with inspiring creatives who did these passion projects, but I'll mention one more. This last one makes me just WISH I could draw like she can. I'm talking about Jen B. Peters and her 100 Days of Plants project. I'm absolutely in love with every single plant she drew each day and it is an inspiration to [maybe] try my hand at drawing (we'll see how that goes though...).

Jen B Peters'  Instagram

Jen B Peters' Instagram

Jen B Peters'  Instagram

Jen B Peters' Instagram

So this leaves me contemplating if and what I should try for a passion project. It doesn't necessarily need to be for 100 days, or even daily. It could be a weekly thing I practice. Do I explore something further that I'm already familiar with or go with something I'm not good at and see what potential there is there? Like with drawing or painting or lettering? Should I expand on my photography and take a daily creative photo? We will see...



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