{A Snapshot} Summer in the Northwoods

Ever since I was born, Buckskin Lake in Minocqua has been our escape from reality....

Looking back on the projects I've done, specifically in college, I realized that I've been unaware of how much nature has actually inspired me. Growing up and constantly being surrounded by this beauty has definitely helped that. Everywhere around you there's beautiful pattern, color palettes, and sounds. This project is a good example of how this has led to me being fascinated by color and sounds being paired together.

Rain or shine, this place is a slice of heaven. If it's storming, I love to sit on our screened in lower porch with a good book and the globes lights turned on while listening to the pouring rain hit the trees in the woods and the thunder echo in the distance. 

Once the rain subsides, all the colors of the woods are richer and come to life.

But obviously my favorite part of being up north are sunny days down by the lake, spending all day in the sun and never wanting the day to end.

We love to recreate all day long, from jetskiing to fishing to swimming to floating to boating to waterskiing!

Those who know me know that I seriously love donuts, so it was kind of impossible for me to say no to this donut pool float and this "Road Trips and Donuts" tank top!

Don't even get us started on the gorgeous sunsets we've seen over the years. We could fill an very thick photo album with pictures of just sunsets, we have that many pretty pictures of them!

All in all, it was a week well spent for the fourth of July. Unfortunately, the week went too fast and we had to come back to our reality in Milwaukee. With having full time jobs and being so busy, we now only get up there once or twice a year. But when we do get up there we immediately forget about our hectic lives at home. Escaping the city once in a while is such a nice breath of fresh air...literally.