{Around the Loft} Summer Touches

Where has the time gone?! It's already July and it seemed like it was just May yesterday, but clearly not since it has been over 2 months since my last post (oops!). With AT LAST the arrival of summer, I wanted to bring in some summer touches to our loft. This is the first year in a long time we're not moving to a new apartment, we always tend to get bored in a place and want to move but not this year! Since we're not having to pack up our life this summer, I can actually take advantage of the wonderful weather for planting. We joined a community garden for the summer and can't believe how much it has blown up! I also planted some flowers and herbs on our tiny balcony and turned it into a peaceful space despite the busy road next to our building.

Like any girl I suppose, I can't help but constantly want fresh flowers in our place. My favorite has been the peonies, they are so stunning and their smell is intoxicating.

I'm a sucker for antiquing and so on our first trip up to our cottage this summer I found something we've been looking for to hang in our apartment: a big, old American flag. Perfect to hang on the huge blank wall over our stairway up to the loft!

Happy summer, everyone :)