{Follow Friday} My Current Crazes

Seeing as in the social media world Fridays typically are for #FollowFriday posts, I thought it'd be the perfect day to talk about some of my obsessions as of late.

I have four things to share that I am really into right now, so follow along...

(1) If you haven't guessed it from looking at my own feed, I absolutely love Instagram. I love seeing what people capture and post to give us a little peek into their lives. One user I can't get enough of is Melissa Green. Her photos are so beautiful and she has a wonderful eye. If you check out her blog you can also see how good she is at capturing a moment and the emotion of the people in the photograph. She just recently got married to the love of her life and of course I was swooning over that wedding. So go check her out!

(2) Anything gold/rose gold. I can't get enough of this kind of jewelry and these are some of my favorites. For Christmas, Alex got me a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch that I am obsessed with. I also wear my Madewell Glider Bangle every single day. The unique necklaces that the wonderful Easy shop called Burdees have are so simple and beautiful at the same time, like the one in the picture. Also can't go wrong with my gold rings from my grandma/early childhood!

(3) These yummy NO BAKE energy balls! They are perfect to bring to work and have when I need a little mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy boost. See recipe below:

  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • 1 cup carob chips
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup flax seed
  • 2/3 cup honey
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

Directions: combine all ingredients in a big bowl and roll into balls. I keep them in a container in the freezer and take out a couple at a time to bring to work and keep them in the fridge there until I'm ready to eat them!

(4) The wonderful book "Skin Cleanse" by Adina Grigore. This book is motivating me to be more natural and treat the outside of my body like I do the inside. She informed me of so many things I didn't know and has awesome recipes in the back of the book to make your own DIY skin care products. I've learned about and grown to love coconut oil since it is an AMAZING moisturizer (I use it every time after I shower!) and papaya since it can help with digestive issues. I've been taking papaya enzymes and been making my own amazing papaya smoothie to have and they work! (Smoothie consists of fresh papaya, frozen mango, frozen strawberries, water, cinnamon, honey, and chia seeds!) I plan on making more all natural products once summer is here like sunscreen, etc.

Those are my current crazes for today's #FollowFriday! I will be sure to do more of these posts so stay tuned and Happy Friday!