My New Creative Outlet

Hello there! So this year I turn 25 and I have to say that the "quarter-life-crisis" thing is definitely real to me. The main part that is affecting me is how I don't have the kind of creative outlet I thought I would at this point. I'm not always shooting and editing video or taking pictures or playing the piano and flute. 

Lately, to help find my creative self, I've been listening to different podcasts and reading blogs. There was one podcast that really hit me and that was Jennifer Snyder's "Creating Your Own Path," Episode 29 with Annabelle Needles of Evergreen Lane Productions. Since high school, I've always loved taking clips and piecing them together into one final project. Throughout college and afterwards, I did side projects to help keep me involved and my major at UW-Milwaukee definitely helped with that as well. That's something I'm still very passionate about and Jennifer and Annabelle talked about blogs being another creative outlet. So here I am!

I will come on here to post about my travels, snap shots of my daily life, current obsessions, creative inspirations, and random ramblings. I am really excited to have this outlet for myself now instead of keeping it all inside my head. I hope you enjoy my creative journey and help me dream big for my creative future!