{A Snapshot} Home Sweet Home

I've been wanting to have a day like I did today for a while, we've just had to wait for the ever-so-stubborn Wisconsin weather to cooperate after a long winter. I just wanted to go out in the city with my guy and eat at good places we've been wanting to try, explore new shops, and take pictures of my city. I realized that I really don't take enough pictures of the city I live in and would like to change that, hopefully this blog will help me do that. Milwaukee really is a beautiful city, it's the perfect size for me and full of great things to do. Wisconsin winter just makes me forget that sometimes...

So the day started out by sipping Anodyne coffee from our Chemex, brainstorming what to do on this glorious day. We decided to head downtown to the Third Ward and start the day with some doughnuts from Holy Moley. I ate that vanilla glazed chocolate cake doughnut so fast I forgot the take a picture (apologies). One of my favorite things to do is walk around the Third Ward on a beautiful day like it was today. I've always daydreamed of living in a loft apartment down there. 

Alex and I love going into the Milwaukee Public Market. They have excellent seafood and beer selections (as well as anything else you need, lots of local products!). 

From the Third Ward, we headed up to Brady Street to go to Glorioso's Italian Market. Alex and I are really into making Italian food and this is the place in Milwaukee to go for supplies. Their pasta, produce, meat, etc. selection is out of this world (for our city, at least).

From Brady Street, we headed down to the south side of Milwaukee to Bay View. We wanted to check out a couple new locations. The first of the two stops is a floral/antique store called Alt's Antiques and Floral. We chatted with the shop owner for a while, finding out he has owned his shop for years now and grows all the plants in his shop himself! It's quite the eclectic selection in this shop and I fell in love with it, I'll definitely be back soon to pick up some new air plants.

Seeing as we had only eaten coffee and doughnuts so far, we had an appetite and just in time for our second Bay View stop: The Vanguard! We had heard about this new restaurant's amazing selection of beer and sausages and had to check it out ourselves. They also have a great selection of bourbon which is a plus. Alex and I both went with the Chicago style with a side of fries and it was so. dang. GOOD! We will definitely be returning.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I cannot wait to have more days like today. I love acting like a tourist in my own city and exploring new shops and restaurants. Any recommendations are welcome!