{Around the Loft} Autumn Details

At long last, my favorite season has arrived. Sorry summer, you're wonderful and offer many wonderful aspects, but once you reach 90 degrees with any level of humidity, I can't stand you if I don't have a body of water to jump into.

Fall brings the most perfect weather, makes everything golden and beautiful, and starts the best fashion season of scarves, sweaters, and boots. It's time to get cozy and not be too hot or cold. With that said, some autumn details were brought into our loft.

 Cozy  faux sheepskin rug  from Ikea

Cozy faux sheepskin rug from Ikea

Like most ladies this time of year, anything pumpkin hits the spot. I have been baking endless amounts of pumpkin goods.

When Alex and I were in Minnesota in August for my friend's wedding, we made sure to stop at Ikea and picked up some goodies to cozy up our loft.

Shout out to our friends who have a local Milwaukee online shop full of awesome goods and a well established brand, Canyon Woodshop. We recently scored a cutting board and homemade soy candle from them at the Bayview Maker's Market.

Seeing as most of my summer plantings were dead, it was time to swap them out for fall's best flowers: mums. I went to the garden center and stocked up on mums big and small along with some mini pumpkins and gourds and went on a planting spree.


Needless to say, I'm pretty excited for fall to be here. If only it lasted longer and wasn't followed by basically 5-6 months of winter... #wisconsinproblems